Ever since 2006, we have helped clients all over the world increase their in-store sales, as well as maintained the happiness and retention of both staff & customers. We do this through tailor-made, designed music soundscapes based on the brand and customer demographics, while also utilizing the psychology behind how music and tempo affects people.

Playing the wrong music is even worse than playing none at all. Play the right music and you get all the positive effects. We are experts at this with our proven method that blends science, statistics and the human touch to create your “brand voice” that will be heard in all your outlets.

No upfront investment

We only charge a monthly fee per unit. This includes monthly updates to the music channel, technical reports and support. The best part is that we will take the initial cost for the test to give you a full proof of concept. Included in this is the project management of the test phase and rollout.


We can integrate with your existing system, mobile device or computer through our web app. Otherwise we plug in our Royal Streaming music device, which is included in our monthly fee.

Complete Hands-off Solution if you want to

You can be as much involved in the process as you want to. For most clients we handle service, technology, support and music updates completely while sending monthly reports whereas for others, we work closely together with their marketing teams.

The Music – Two Catalogues

Commercial Music

all the music you already know, played on the Radio, Joox, Spotify, etc. and that you might already be listening to. This catalogue of music is owned by record labels and thus license fees will be collected by them for the performance part, i.e. playing it in your commercial areas.

Royal Artists

Our own catalogue of direct licensed songs. For you this means our high-quality standard with the same process of creating your brand voice, but without the license fees part. Many of our clients are saving big amounts of money using this catalogue.

Royal Adsell

Take it to the next level by adding your radio ads or let us produce ads cost effectively. You can even sell your commercial spots to your suppliers!

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