Add a beat to your brand with designed music

You need to generate the right associations with your brand. You´ve put a lot of time, energy and money coming up with the right interior design, the right graphic expression, and the right branding. Everything is in place to stimulate all the senses. Almost.

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What do we mean by designed music?

‘Designed music’ refers to creating a music concept that reinforces perception and generates positive associations with a brand. Our work method is based on finding the music and sound image that reflects your business exclusively, and attracts your given target group. The result is then streamed to all your locations. Stockholm, New York or Borås? No matter where you interact with your customers, you can be sure that your brand will be clearly represented – and thanks to Royal Streaming’s solutions, the whole process will be both simple and cost-effective for you.

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How it works

To create a music concept specifically for you, we first need to get to know your brand. We therefore work closely with you to identify the most important feelings and associations you are looking to stimulate. We test various tracks and zero in on the one that most effectively encompasses your brand. Once the music concept is in place, all you need to do is press ‘play’ to tap into your own, unique channel. Royal Streaming is a complete music solution, and we have all the skills and competences necessary to deliver everything you need with regard to music, technology, rights and support.
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Royal Artist – A unique music profile at a lower cost

When you choose Royal Artists, we create a music profile specifically for you based on Scandinavia’s largest music catalogue of new, unsigned artists. This is not just an opportunity for you to set up a unique profile for your brand – it is also a smart and economical solution.

The process is the same: we select the music that best reinforces your customers experience, reflects your brand, and aligns with your company’s strategic direction – while eliminating the need for you to pay expensive royalty fees for the presentation. All artists are paid of course, but the payment is made directly from us to the copyright holder without intermediaries.

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Reine Walfridsson, Chief Marketing Officer, Granit

”Vi är mycket nöjda med Royal Streaming, de är oerhört lyhörda och tillsammans planerar vi känslan i våra butiker från säsong till säsong. Det är många gånger våra butiksanställda kommenterar hur nöjda de är med vårt musikutbud, och för oss är det ett viktigt betyg på att vi levererar rätt känsla till våra kunder”

Royal Adsell – Your own in-store radio messaging

Royal Adsell allows you to broadcast details of current offers and boost sales on site, or to sell unique advertising space in your own channel. We produce advertising and information messages based on material we prepare together with you. These spots are then scheduled into your time-managed music service to reinforce campaigns or provide information to your customers.

Magnus Neldemo, 7-eleven, Marketing Manager

“Through their personal involvement and their excellent service, Royal Streaming provides more than just music. They are extraordinarily attentive and professional in their work. Drawing on our vision and our core values, they’ve helped us put together an audio profile that not only underpins the 7-Eleven brand and aligns with all our other communication, but also contributes to creating a more pleasant in-store atmosphere. On the basis of continuous dialogue and feedback from our stores, we jointly assure that we play the right music to provide customers with a positive image of our brand”

Technology on your terms

Royal Streaming’s music services are ‘technology independent’. By this, we mean that we adapt our solutions to fit your existing technical sollutions. If you already have hardware such as computers or iPads in place, you can simply use our Royal Play app. However, if you do not have technology of this kind, we install a music box that is straightforward to connect to the amplifier. No matter what sollution you choose, you always have the same opportunities regarding scheduling and Royal Adsell.

If you have another kind of technical system in place that you wish to integrate with our services, we will of course help you find the best possible solution.
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