Pulse of

Grand Hôtel

The Grand Hôtel in Stockholm is so much more than your usual hotel. With history and tradition from as far back as 1874 it has been the chosen home away from home for celebrities as well as ordinary pleasure seekers from all over the world for well over a century. Its fabulous location offers spectacular views over Lilla Värtan and the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

Royal Streaming provides music to the whole of Grand Hôtel including public areas such as the spectacular lobby, the classic Swedish Veranda restaurant, as well as the grandiose Cadier Bar and seasonal Terrace Bar.

“It’s a great honor to provide one of Sweden’s most prestigious hotels with a complete music solution. Every update is handled with utmost accuracy as my goal is that the music should reach the same lofty standards as this well-renowned building does in general.

It’s truly inspiring to work with all the themes playing in the different parts of the hotel. At the Veranda guests are met by mellow and delicate singer/songwriter from Scandinavia, while you can enjoy a well-composed mixture of experimental lounge, urban beats and spoken word in the lobby area, and naturally both the Cadier Bar and Terrace Bar also have their unique music profiles as well.”

Oscar Mathlin, music designer