Pulse of

Lexington Company

Lexington Company offers their customers an all-in-all concept as a lifestyle brand. Their range of products includes interior design and accessories as well as clothing for both him and her and much more.

The brand has a conscious target group with high expectations on quality. Every product, from material selection to design and packaging maintains the highest of standards.

“In my choice of music, I intend to highlight the perception of Lexington as an international lifestyle brand. The starting point, from where I take a lot of inspiration, is the American East Coast and the feeling of the ‘bohemian luxury’ that is very characteristic for the area. I’m also inspired by the pulse you’ll find in the heart of great cities like New York and Boston.

To create the right feeling, the music channel is centered around genres like indie and modern folk pop. Lightweight, organic elements are varied with more urban and livelier songs that provide good energy. You’ll find a lot of unknown artists in the Lexington repertoire, but from time to time I like to throw in some timeless American classics as well to create recognition.

In my work with Lexington I follow the seasons which is evident in the music selection. For instance, the delicate and tucked up feel in the stores during fall and winter gradually transfers into happy and colorful elements during the spring and summertime.”

Jonas Malm, music designer