Clas Ohlson

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For over 100 years, Clas Ohlson has inspired and helped people to improve their everyday life at home through simple, practical and smart solutions at attractive prices. Great importance is also placed on creating a positive and welcoming customer experience in store, and the music is an important part of that. We have created a sound that suits the broad target group and that reflects Clas Ohlson: an unpretentious, inspiring, playful and positive sound image.

The music played is carefully selected to create a positive and inspiring atmosphere. The channel is happy and playful with unpretentious music, characterized by genres such as pop, soul and singer-songwriter. Mostly acoustic and soft music in the slightly quieter parts of the channel and a little more electronic pop in the slightly faster segment. Otherwise, a broad mix of different genres as long as the music feels positive and spreads good vibes! The goal is to get customers inspired, in a good mood, and to enjoy themselves in the store