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We create exclusive sounds and music concepts for both local and global brands with designed music . Welcome!

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Designed music for your brand

What do we mean by designed music?

Designed music refers to creating a music concept that reinforces perception and generates positive associations with a brand. Our work method is based on finding the music and sound image that reflects your business exclusively, and attracts your given target group. The result is then streamed to all your locations. Stockholm, New York or Borås? No matter where you interact with your customers, you can be sure that your brand will be clearly represented – and thanks to Royal Streaming’s solutions, the whole process will be both simple and cost-effective for you.

How it works

To create a music concept specifically for you, we first need to get to know your brand. We therefore work closely with you to identify the most important feelings and associations you are looking to stimulate. We test various tracks and zero in on the one that most effectively encompasses your brand. Once the music concept is in place, all you need to do is press ‘play’ to tap into your own, unique channel. Royal Streaming is a complete music solution, and we have all the skills and competences necessary to deliver everything you need with regard to music, technology, rights and support.

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We have been working with Royal Streaming for the last four years and have always been very happy with their service. Royal Streaming with their professionalism always deliver the most suitable adapted playlist for our needs, representing DW globally in our retail markets from Australia to USA.”

Antonia Eriksson, Business Developer Retail Heart, Daniel Wellington

We are proud to work with our clients!

We help many of Scandinavia’s largest brands with designed music. We are very proud of that. Here are a few examples of brands who play our music everyday.