Say hello to our studio team!

Royal Streaming consists of a rapidly growing, tight-knit team – so we think introductions are in order, right?  Say hello to two of our music designers as well as the studio team; Emil & Jesper.

Emil Nyström has been working at Royal Streaming for almost six years. He is a multi-instrumentalist and trained musical artist, who has played in both bands and several musicals, including Mamma Mia and Jesus Christ Superstar. Alongside his musical career, he has written and produced everything from pop music to brand-customized productions.

Jesper Nicklasson started at Royal Streaming just over a year ago. After studying at both Kulturama in Stockholm and the Los Angeles College of Music, Jesper has focused on music production with assignments from CHIMI and EYTYS, ELLE Magazine, and Swedish House Mafia.

What are your thoughts on the constantly growing studio project at Royal Streaming?
Emil: ”It feels incredibly rewarding to utilize all of our musical experience on a variety of projects and therefore offer our clients a complete music solution – everything from specially composed jingles to brand-designed music”.

What can be challenging when it comes to music design and sound production?
Jesper: ”Today, entertainment and media are consumed faster than ever, making it harder to capture the consumer’s attention. Therefore, it’s important that a production is tailored, captures a brand’s essence, and has a cohesiveness from beginning to end – regardless of whether it’s music, store messages, or jingles.

What was your latest project?
Emil: ”Our client Clas Ohlson reached out with a request to create a customized audio identity. Based on a brief and close dialogue with HQ, the end result was a cheerful and catchy audio used in-store, on TV, and on social media. Today, that production is also available in two seasonal versions!”

We’re looking forward to what more these guys come up with in the future, stay tuned…