Installation guide – Dension

If you already have an existing music service:
Just replace both the network- and sound cable from your existing device to your new
Royal Streaming device. Add the power adapter and you will be up and running. 

If you don’t have an existing music service today:
Please proceed with our simple 1-2-3 plug and play installation guide below

1-2-3, Plug and Play!


1. Start by connecting the sound cable (RCA) to Dension ISR ”Line out” and to your amplifier/transmitter – Red to red and white/black to white/black.

In case you have a 3,5mm sound cable today, please connect it to the sound cable adapter that you will find in your Royal Streaming package.

Sound cable adapter                                                                                                                                                                               

2. Connect the network cable to Dension ISR ”Ethernet” and to your router/switch.
Note! We recommend that you contact your IT-department to ensure that intended connection is OK

3. Connect the power adapter to the Dension ISR ”Power (12V)” and to an available outlet

Wait until all 4 LEDs are lightning – Once they do, Dension ISR is online and will play your music!
If you don´t hear any music, please choose between the two options below, our FAQ-guide or contact our support for further assistance.

We´ve collected some of our most frequently asked questions below (FAQ) but in case you bump in to any problems, you’re always welcome to contact our support.

No problems to report.