To stay in touch with family and friends as well as keeping up with what´s going on in the world is more important now than ever. We´re extra thankful that Telenor Sweden, whose stores we’ve provided music for since late 2017, enables that.  

“Their broad and diverse target audience call for a soft, feel-good sound that creates a welcoming soundscape for everybody. I’ve focused on balancing more mature and harmonic instrumental music with lighthearted acoustic pop and singer-songwriter. With this in mind, the music should fit both stores in the pulsating inner city as well as the smaller communities” says Lisa Ågren, Music Designer at Royal Streaming.  

Telenor Sweden’s stores play music from our Royalty Free catalogue. However, since they´ve been a partner to Melodifestivalen in recent years, a request for a Melodifestivalen-themed playlist with commercial music was made. “Between February 1st to the finale last week, we made sure that all Telenor Sweden stores played songs from contestants from the 1980s to this year’s festival. A great way to highlight the partnership, and get both customers and staff excited for the music festival!”, Lisa continues. 

We’re proud to work with a forward-thinking brand like Telenor Sweden, and thrilled that they are recognizing music as an effective tool when communicating their brand voice and creating a welcoming space for customers as well as staff.