Installation Guide – Play

1-2-3, Plug and Play!

An invitation will be sent to the email address that you have mentioned to Royal Streaming. Once you have received the invitation, please..

1. Press ”Accept invitation”

An internet browser tab will open..
OBS! If the internet brower tab opens in Internet Explorer (end of life), copy the url and paste it into Google Chrome or Safari.

2. Create a password for your account

3. Log in with your chosen password and press Play
Your username is the email that received the invitation.

Once you have pressed Play, you will hear music immediately.

If you don´t hear music, please choose between the two options below, our FAQ-guide or contact our support for further assistance.

We´ve collected some of our most frequently asked questions below (FAQ) but in case you bump in to any problems, you’re always welcome to contact our support.

No problems to report.