ASKET is a Swedish clothing brand founded in 2015, Stockholm. Their pursuit is to restore value in garments by creating a permanent collection with focus on transparency throughout. This is something we of course want to embrace when managing their in-store music. 

“It’s a great pleasure to soundtrack ASKET. Especially since it’s a highly reputable and sustainable company that cares for the future of fashion” says Viktor Olsson, Music Designer at Royal Streaming. “With their unique way of creating clothes, working away from temporary collections and instead perfecting their craftmanship and design over time, I’m inspired to do the same with the music design”.  

Greatly inspired by the 70s and 80s, the music at ASKET wanders smoothly between different eras. Striving towards an unpretentious and relaxed feel where genres such as indie pop and soft rock meets nu-disco, chillwave and other electronic based music. Viktor continues; “Curating their sound is especially fun since that kind of music appeals to me personally. Songs like “Problemz” by Jungle and “Games” by Neil Frances, are two tunes that can help you set the ASKET scene”.  

While we’ve of course followed their journey from the beginning, we’re particularly proud to have soundtracked their store since early 2021 – and look forward to more years ahead.