Christmas Music – A Festive Dilemma

Could you imagine listening to or, better yet, working with Christmas music as early as in October? Dream scenario for some, nightmare for others. At Royal Streaming, Christmas comes early every year – and we love it!

Since Christmas decorations are fronting the shelves the second the days get shorter and the nights darker, why not match the vibe?

Our beloved Eko Stormarknad is the first of our customers to play Christmas music in their warehouses, as early as in October! “We like to kick off Christmas early; every year in mid-October we set up our approximately 700 m2 large Christmas sections. We want to offer a whole experience in our stores, in which the music of course plays an important role” says Håkan Ringström, Marketing Director at Eko.

For many, Christmas music in stores and restaurants marks the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. However, the relationship between Christmas music and its listeners is complicated. Some cannot stand the Christmas carols playing in stores and restaurants.

So, why do they persist in playing Christmas music despite the divide? Well, carefully curated playlists create a festive ambiance that evokes a sense of nostalgia, comfort and goodwill. It might even make people more likely to indulge during the holiday season. Our Music Designers at Royal Streaming of course understand the impact that music has on consumers and customers. “We help retailers and restauranteurs navigate the world that is Christmas music. Selecting songs that align with their branding and target audience is what we do all day – every day” says Franciska Lovric, music designer at Royal Streaming. “I love in-store Christmas music! It sets the scene, so I think it’s great between 1st of advent until new year’s. It’s cozy”, Franciska continues. “But some of us Music designers have mixed feelings about it, that´s for sure”.

In the end, the mixed emotions that come with in-store Christmas music can be a reminder that the power of music is crucial and, when done right, can be a key to enhancing the in-store experience. A reminder that the love-hate relationship is as much a part of the holiday season as twinkling lights and festive decorations 😉