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Stadium is one of Northern Europe’s largest sports chains and with their wide range of sports and sports fashion also comes a wide target group. Even though we work with sounding brands, our biggest focus is probably on making customers feel comfortable and welcome in the stores.

Recently, we have started working with something we call ‘sound showers’. There are different zones in the stores that promote a special campaign, for example the Outdoor range. In some of our Stadium stores, we have added extra speakers and insulated the sound with a specially produced loop of nature-inspired sound such as the chirping of birds, wind and water on a bed of weak guitar picks. When you come to this department, the feeling of activities and a life out in nature is really enhanced. Sound showers are something you have seen start to come more and more and it is super fun to do this with Stadium, I really think it does that little extra for a special shopping experience, says Sandra Leto, Stadium’s music designer.