The world-renowned J. Lindeberg is since founding in 1996 one of Sweden’s truly iconic brands, combining high fashion with sportswear. Over the years, J. Lindeberg has had a remarkable journey to become what it is today, and since 2019 their stores have been soundtracked by us at Royal Streaming.

“It’s an honor to be responsible for the in-store music for such a legendary brand. J. Lindeberg’s marketing team leaves nothing to chance and has therefore really involved me as a music designer. Being able to be inspired by future collections, the stores interior design and up-coming seasons” says Sandra Leto, Music Designer at Royal Streaming. “Truly an opportunity to showcase my creativity and expertise as the music goes hand in hand with their brand image. Visiting a J. Lindeberg store is an experience beyond the ordinary”.In recent years, their sound has mostly consisted of electronic dance and indie house music. To preserve J. Lindeberg’s Scandinavian DNA, you’ll hear several Swedish artists and DJs from the electro scene, such as current influences Bella Boo, Off The Meds, Axel Boman and Kornél Kovács. Regardless of whether you visit J. Lindeberg in Singapore, New York or Stockholm.But with all that said, that’s this season’s music design – who knows how J. Lindeberg might sound for future collections? What we do know is we’ll continue to soundtrack their journey.