We ♡ Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden

People having hot cocoa in cafés, decorations glowing in every storefront and snow glistening under lamp posts – all surrounded by the warm embrace that is Christmas music.

Some even set the table with a traditional Christmas buffet, like our friends over at Grand Hotel SaltsjöbadenOf course, every inch of this grandiose hotel has been soundtracked by us.  “We have a lot of fun while creating and maintaining the unique sound for Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden. It’s like putting together a puzzle where the different zones and seasons are individual pieces but must fit together in a bigger picture” say Emil and Lisa, two of our music designers.

Take the opportunity to greet the holidays in their beautiful winter setting, right by the bay. “I’ve worked with music as a tool to build an atmosphere my whole life, it’s not often I meet people that understand me as well as the team at Royal Streaming does. I can paint a picture with words and describe a desired feeling, which they then manage to soundtrack to perfection. Additionally, I experience a perfect balance at their part when it comes to receiving and giving ideas and feedback. It has helped me so that I can focus on other things, which I enormously appreciate” says Erik Pändel, CEO of Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden.